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September 13th 2017

Aarau, Switzerland


Join us for a seminar focusing on globalization strategies for MedTech corporations
When entering new markets, MedTech companies are faced with many hurdles and require the agility, responsiveness and skills to manage them properly. New approaches relying on flexibility, speed and unconventional thinking are needed when responding to new challenges such as slowing growth, increasing competition and significant operational complexity.

Approaching new markets is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. Too often however, companies excitedly enter new markets simply because they are growing rapidly or because the incumbents appear profitable. Caught up in this spirit of excitement, companies face difficulties to manage across highly divergent and fast-moving markets as this requires focus on execution and operational excellence. Companies must develop highly flexible business models that enable them to respond to new opportunities and threats. Such factors should be carefully considered before a sound entry strategy is developed.1

In view of the current global economic situation and the results of a recent survey on export activities conducted among selected Swiss MedTech Corporations, Medical Cluster and marcs group AG are happy to host a pilot-event establishing a future platform addressing issues related to going global.2

1 Globalization and New Strategies for Growth. Ernst & Young, Zürich (2012)
2 Exportaktivitäten Schweizer Medizinaltechnik KMU. Medical Cluster, Bern und marcs group AG, Aarau (2015) –>link

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One great seminar

Enjoy the expertise provided by well-known speakers from academia and corporate executives.

Meet an expert

Apart from frontal learning, you will enjoy the opportunity to speak directly with service providers from various markets.

Apéro riche "going global"

Various appetizers representing different cultures create another unique experience.


Great place, great location in the middle of Aarau, within walking distance form the train station.


new event soon to be announced


To many businesses, expanding operations to the USA is a leading ambition and potentially the gateway to success. Having the world’s largest economy with a GDP of over USD 17 trillion, which is approx. 22% of the gross world product, and a consumer market of more than 310 million people, the country offers a scale of opportunity and potential reward a visiting business may not find anywhere else. In recent years the country has gone through a long period of change, but with change comes opportunity. Huge reforms have reshaped the county and with the right ideas, ambitions, and approach, the USA remains an attractive a setting as ever for international business expansion

Eastern EuropeEastern Europe

This region offers Switzerland a number of advantages. Development of business relationships are easy due to the close geographical proximity. The central and eastern Europe (CEE) region is made up of Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia and Slovakia, and between them are over 100 million consumers. EU funded infrastructure, energy and innovation projects have also created opportunities, and it currently has a far lower market penetration than anticipated.

However, the EU financial crisis most notably left Greece and Cyprus in catastrophic state. A fragile banking system and growing migrant crisis has reportedly rekindled history tensions between Croatia and Serbia, adding instability to the region.


GDP growth is projected to increase from 3% in 2015 to above 4% in 2017, as political uncertainties both in and around the country fade, employment rises, and the gradual strengthening of global markets support export growth.

Turkey has long enjoyed a good reputation for producing consumer goods and it’s increasingly looking to white goods, and products with higher ticket prices to drive further economic growth. Thanks to its location and history, Turkey is in an unusual position in that it can be considered to belong to both the West and East. As a result, Turkey’s ambition of combining its political landscape and Muslim faith with Western commerce presents a unique challenge to overseas investors keen to take advantage of the country’s rapid growth


Rising economic growth, an expanding middle-class, relative political stability and eye-catching trade agreements make the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) an attractive region. The growth of the region’s economy (combined nominal GDP USD 2,31 trillion) is expected to exceed the global average for years to come, and with a rich wealth of natural resources, low-cost skilled labor, and their free-trade agreement, the market diversity and wide range of opportunities are particular attractive across a variety of sectors. However, the fact that ASEA comprises of 10 independent countries does of course mean there is a wide range of socio-cultural differences, and differing legal and regulatory complexities. Fragmented markets and fierce competition from all over the globe are amongst other challenges to face.

Middle East/ North Africa

The two regions that make up the MENA acronym – the Middle East and North Africa – are rarely out of contemporary news.

With the easing of Iranian sanctions, 2016 is widely expected to see as much as CHF 150 billion- worth of Iranian assets unblocked and consequently will ignite the interests of foreign business from all over the globe.

Having the world’s largest gas reserves and plans for a ten-fold increase in gas exports, plus a five-fold increase in oil exports by 2017, means the country presents a lucrative opportunity and with Germany being the main export rival, this market is well suited for Swiss medical technology.

Opportunities are not obsolete in the MENA region. There is a diverse picture, where certain countries remain oil-rich and are operationally functional; growth is predicated to improve consumption picks up and political tensions ease in certain markets. Areas affected by war need outside investments however.


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Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Aarau


5000 Aarau, Switzerland

Time: 12:30h to 19:30h



mailto: ds@marcs-group.com


+41 79 444 15 16


If you have any questions about the event, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.



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